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The Hurricane Matthew aftermath hasn’t led to a surge in flatbed rates just yet. Flooding may have prevented loads from moving right after the storm, but freight is starting to pick up in the Southeast now that rebuilding is underway. 

Below are the top 5 markets for flatbed load posts on DAT TruckersEdge this month:

  1. Little Rock, AR
  2. Cleveland
  3. Shreveport, LA
  4. Portland, OR
  5. Spokane, WA
All rates below include fuel surcharges and are based on real transactions between carriers and brokers.


  • One flatbed lane that did get more active after the storm was from Savannah, GA to Charlotte, which jumped up ▲18¢ to $2.40/mile 
  • Outbound rates were up in Baltimore and Harrisburg, PA, but volumes were relatively weak in Harrisburg
  • A lot of lanes out of Texas have been down, but the one from Fort Worth to New Orleans has climbed ▲26¢ in the past month to an average of $1.90/mile
  • Outbound rates in Pittsburgh are up ▲24% for the month

  • Rates and volumes were down in both Dallas and Houston
  • The lane from Houston to New Orleans dropped down to earth after some recent spikes -- that lane paid an average of $2.24/mile last week
  • Volumes on the lane from Atlanta to Raleigh, NC dropped by two-thirds, as flatbed freight couldn’t make it into those flooded areas

By Matt Sullivan


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12/03/2016 9:57am

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12/06/2016 11:55am

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